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Bathroom Trends of 2019

Italian ISVEA, which attracts attention with its numerous international awards for its bathroom designs, announced bathroom trends of 2019.


The designs where classic meet with modern

We all want to feel the inspirations of the past in certain areas of our lives. Therefore, especially classic designs are one of our first choices in our living spaces. Hovewer, this classic perspective brings with us modernism in bathroom decoration with our changing habits. We will see the products in which the classical designs come to life with modern touches in the bathrooms of 2019.


Basins will be the most important accessories of the bathrooms

The basins are in a radical change in recent years. Aesthetical forms and eye-catching basins are one of the most important details and accessories of bathrooms. As in the previous year, this year, monoblock basins will be at the forefront with their modern and innovative design approach. Monoblock basins will offer an aesthetic elegance while also adding modern air to the bathrooms.


Technologies that protect natural resources are popular

Human and environment oriented designs are now being realized in bathroom decoration. The technologies developed in this field bring to life both sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Especially designs that contribute to the conservation of natural resources by saving water and energy will be among the indispensables of 2019 bathrooms.


Functionality is a must for this year

The designs that offer functionality in the bathrooms are on the agenda of the bathrooms this year as well as every year. Wall-mounted modules that create large storage spaces in small volumes, hidden lighting mirrors will offer rational solutions for bathrooms. In addition, designs that offer different combinations according to the size and shape of the bathrooms will be at the forefront.


Characteristic accessories are at the forefront

One of the most trendy bathroom decorations of this year is the accessories that have the characteristic features. Make room in your bathrooms for wall niches that change the air of the bathrooms with a touch of lighting, mirrors that are essential for every bathroom, make-up units and pouffes that offer functional use.