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ISVEA participated in the KBIS, which is organized in the Nevada state as the largest kitchen and bathroom products exposition of the US. Erdem Çenesiz said, "We grew 4-fold in Europe over the last 2 years; and we will grow 5-fold in America in the next 2 years."

ISVEA, together with its American distributor R&R Ryvyer company, participated in the KBIS, which is one of the most important expositions of the world and has hosted more than 125 thousand companies for a period of over 50 years. At the expositionorganized during January 20-22, ISVEA offered its awarded designs such as the Soluzione, Sistema, Valente, Eleganza and Sott’Aqua to the admiration of visitors coming from many different countries. 

Stating that the KBIS has a very important place in the American market, the ISVEA Board of Directors’ Chairman Erdem Çenesizhas expressed that this exposition created a major opportunity for them to enter into new countries and increase their exports strength. Çenesiz, emphasizing thatISVEA has achieved a 4-fold growth in the area of exports over the last two years, said that they will continue their growth by closely following up on expositions organized in many different places in the world and guide the sector. Underlining the fact that America is an important market for them and that their goal for 2015 - 2016 is to achieve a consistent growth on this big continent by increasing their exports to America by more than 5-fold, Çenesiz said, "we have expanded our goals in order to be one of the leaders of exports in the construction sector with products of high added value, and we will increase the number of countries from 45 to 50 this year."