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Italian ISVEA is on the POPDES 2016 List


Italian ISVEA, whose name is well-known in the construction sector with its original designs, managed to get into the list of POPDES 2016 (Popular Designers-Most Popular Designers of The World) which is created by A’Design every year.

Italy's leading sanitaryware ceramic and bathroom products brand ISVEA, which has made its name in the building sector with its original designs; has ranked 21st amongst the 1,000 profiles in the POPDES list with a score of 38.875 as one of the brand most visited, reviewed, acclaimed and appeared on media.

The POPDES list prepared by an independent research team within the A'Design Award & Competition shows the ranking of the most popular designs and designers in the world. 1.000 designers and brands took place in the list which was prepared by the evaluation of the profiles that took part and won at least one A’Design Award.

ISVEA's Brand Power Comes from Being Design Oriented

Italian designer Ettore GIORDANO, the chief designer of the ISVEA brand; "We have received the A’Design Award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the world, 13 times. However, our aim as a team is not only to design for awards, but to combine the extraordinary design capability of Italy with the Turkish bath culture to reveal the most accurate, most useful and harmonious products. With this innovative approach to Italian design approach; we are able to be a brand that can meet different tastes for different areas”.