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ISVEA, the leader brand of Italy in vitrified ceramics and bathroom products, has left its mark at the UNICERA, the most important fair of the sector, by its awarded designs and nearly 150 products exhibited by its innovative, modern approach.   

The Italian leader brand of ISVEA in vitrified ceramics and bathroom products by its past of 53 years took its place at the UNICERA Fair. The products offered to the market in 2014 and the new 2015 designs have been offered to the visitors. While the Ne-classical style Palazzio, the Viva for those who like the natural style, the Sott’Aqua for those who prefer modern lines, and the ColorIsvea and the Isvearte series for those who would like to carry more assertive designs into their bathrooms, which had been placed on the market last year, have been exhibited once more, 5 new awarded series made their debut at the UNICERA for the first time.



5 New Series

Regina: The classical Italian series, designed by the famous design studio Meneghello&Paolelli Associati of Italy, will bring a breeze of nostalgia into the bathrooms.

Lunna: An unordinary and iconic series, designed by Sabrina Selli who has a design studio at Civita-Castellana, where all details have been studied in the round form, pushing the limits in visuality.

Allegro: The series designed by Emanuele Pangrazi, awarded designer of Italy in vitrified ceramic and hi-tech products, have a simple form and an impressive bearing.

Flamma: Flame waves have been the source of inspiration in the design of the Flamma. Flamma, deriving its energy from the flame, comes to your bathrooms with its iconic washbasin. While the simple bowl with a wide and smooth surface offers ease of use and maximum functionality, it also offers advantages to the user with respect to hygiene. This artistic interpretation to be brought to your bathrooms from the visual aspect by its modern, organic and sculpturesque form will help you feel different. Flamma has been designed by Yatasarım.

Armoni: These series is capable of adapting to all bathrooms by its functional structure, modern design and aesthetic understanding. The use of the flat washbasin in the series complements the lower cabinet form. Armoni, offering different options to the users by the wood color alternatives adding warmth to the bathroom, differentiates itself from the others by its inherent handle design, and the mirror cabinet with led lighting at the top and the bottom.


By ISVEA's cleaRim WC technology, the channel that allows the growth of microorganisms that are hazardous for health and the accumulation of dirt in the standard toilet bowls is eliminated. Meanwhile, the SmartPlus technology carries personal comfort to the ultimate point. Through the combination of these two properties, the bathrooms meet with the “Perfect Toilet Bowl”. This toilet bowl is so perfect that it regulates the temperature and the direction of the water, absorbs unpleasant odors promptly, cleans itself and moreover gives a massage. The Perfect Toilet Bowl, combining technology with comfort and hygiene, is included among energy friendly green products, allowing savings by its low energy consumption and use of less water and detergent.