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UNICERA 2016-Design and Technology Show by ISVEA of Italy

ISVEA, Italy’s leading brand in vitrified ceramics and bathroom products, made their mark at UNICERA, the biggest expo in the construction industry with revolutionary and brand new technologies and award winning designs.

ISVEA of Italy that has been in the business for 54 years showcased their internationally renowned bathroom products and award winning series furnished with the latest technologies at Unicera. ISVEA displayed near 200 different products from over 20 different series.

Alongside the Cappitone, Roll's and other ultra slim, elegant and ambitious products employing the Sharp & Slim technology displayed for the first time, Lunna, Allegro, Flamma, Regina, Sott'aqua Marino, Sott'aqua Soffice, Viva, Eleganza, Sentimenti, Soluzione, Sistema X, Y and Z as well as eye catching designs like the Valente, Colorisvea and Isvearte could be found at the ISVEA kiosk.

We are continuing our fast paced growth

ISVEA CEON. Bülent Onur said the following at his welcoming speech at the beginning of the expo: "ISVEA, a leading brand in Italy which is country known for their vitrified ceramics products in the vitrified ceramics, has a history that spans 54 years. As an Italian brand acclaimed for their design, ISVEA has attracted a lot of attention from customers since the day they entered the Turkish market. Unicera is an exposition that is very significant to us where this attention is proven again, and we’re very excited to showcase our new products here today. Last year at Unicera we were able to introduce ourselves and our design focused new series. This year, we have merged design and technology, and we’re displaying near 200 different products from over 20 different series at our kiosk. Our products are available to consumers in Turkey at over 40 locations, and by establishing a new sales outlet every month, we’re continuing our ambitious growth in the wider Turkish market. Today ISVEA exports their products to near 50 different countries.  Around 60% of ISVEA branded products are being exported. After the brand came under Turkish administration, sales at their headquarter country Italy doubled to levels of 2013. We expect this trend to continue in the coming years. To summarize, we trust our brand, and are quickly approaching our goal of becoming one of the top three brands in Turkey.”

We have determined the industrial trends for 2016

ISVEA CDO (Chief Design Officer) Ettore Giordano said the following: “This year we have brought new bathroom trends to Unicera. We have tried to reflect the Italian design culture to our best abilities in our new products. The sinks designed using the Sharp&Slim technology, products specifically for those who prefer slimmer and more elegant details in 2016, will be top sellers this year. Bathrooms that incorporate more colors and different textures are also in high demand in 2016. To fulfill this need, we have designed the ColorIsvea, IsveaArte and Cappitone series. Our brand new series, Roll’s is being displayed here for the first time ever, for those who prefer sophisticated and softer forms. As always, there will be consumers who prefer louder and much different designs in their bathrooms. This ambitious style incorporates geometric structures. Alongside the Lunna and Allegro series that incorporate a lot of spherical forms, our new series Cappitone and Flamma inspired by fire will make the choice easier for those who prefer a stylish bathroom.

Technology is at the focus of design this year. These technologies all focus on hygiene, as well as water and energy savings. Rimless toilet seats without side channels that are easier to clean and are in high demand due to their health benefits, are still available. SmartPlus offers consumers maximum comfort with an electrical toilet seat cover, AquaPlus that offers additional water savings, smartFix offering better style and practical assembly, sterilPlus offering additional hygiene and antibacterial surfaces and lastly anti-fog technologies for mirrors are among the essential ISVEA product line. That is to say, there is an ISVEA product that fits any bathroom and any style.”

50 Countries, 50 Stores

ISVEA Italy CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) Alessio Scacaroni: "Design oriented ISVEA has created brand new series this year that showcases our strength in technology and R&D. While we release our new series incorporating ambitious designs, we focused on our environmental responsibility with newly employed superior technology. What matters to ISVEA is to produce functional, practical designs. Therefore, we strive to have products that suit the needs of everyone, every taste and every demand. When we were coming to Turkey, we believed that our brand could grow significantly here and in the power of the market in Turkey. We weren’t wrong. ISVEA of Italy came out stronger after entering the Turkish market. While we carry on with achieving our goals in Turkey, our global strategy remains the same: 50 Countries, 50 Stores.”

Newest at the Expo: Cappitone and Roll's

ISVEA Cappitone Series unveiled at the Unicera Expo was designed especially for those who want an extraordinary, stylish and unique bathroom. Cappitone sinks with column footings display the amazing harmony between white, black, platinum and gold.

The other new series Roll’s will be the symbol of nobility in bathrooms with its characteristic and confident lines. With its spherical form, it is the pinnacle of minimalism and will be the primary choice for those embracing a sophisticated style.

A New Era Begins with the Sharp & Slim Technology

Sinks featuring the Sharp & Slim technology are the beginning of a new era with super fine edges that could not be produced previously. Using this technology, ISVEA brings ceramics to their most delicate form using minimalistic designs, while creating unique and extra ordinary settings by changing the bathrooms with the sinks incorporating fine, extra-thin edges and sharp lines.


Two Famous Italians Together

ISVEA will be hosting guests on the third day of the expo at a special event co-hosted by Italian Chef Danilo Zanna. At the event, surprise Italian delicacies prepared by Zanna at the kiosk will be served to the guests.



ISVEA was founded in 1962, by the Angelucci family near Eusanio Del Sangro, about 200 km away from Rome. They have conducted activities as a classical Italian manufacturer, in the leading country in the world in vitrified ceramics. As a brand especially popular in Southern Italy, ISVEA has been one of the top 10 manufacturers in the market. After being bought by ECE Holding in 2013, the brand was introduced in the Turkish market, and still carries on with the aim of offering consumers the Italian design, quality and functionality. With the philosophy of offering extra-ordinary experiences and forming emotionally meaningful ties, ISVEA aims to become the most sought after bathroom products brand in Turkey.